How do we make Music Together Again While Staying Safe?

Due to the new circumstances of social distancing and quarantine, we have revamped Summer Winds to create Chamber Music Days. Your new chamber group (between 3 and 5 people) meets with one of our esteemed coaches once a week for one hour in a large venue (outdoors when weather permits), adhering to all the social distancing guidelines: implementing 6ft. apart seating arrangement, masks when not playing, disinfecting and temperature checks and health questionnairesWe get to play music together again while staying safe.

HOw does it work?

We are using mostly the Broadmoor Community Church and new facilities of the CS Youth Symphony on weekdays. Coachings will start the week of July 6th and run until August 28th. It is possible that we may have a fall session depending on the circumstances of the quarantine. We will update you as new information becomes available.  Follow the link here to fill out the sign up sheet. It's FREE to sign up and the fees will remain simple: $30 per person per coaching. You can work out how to pay directly with your coach. 

  • Small Chamber Group Coachings in a large space while practicing social distancing.

  • Emphasis on health: 6ft. distance, masks, health questionnaires, temp. checks.

  • One hour once a week

  • FREE to sign up HERE. Pay $30 per coaching directly to your coach.

  • July 6th - August 28th

  • Weekdays flexible hours. Three locations: 

  • Broadmoor Community Church, Grace & St. Stevens, Youth Symphony rehearsal space.

  • Coachings by principal players in CSPhil.

  • Any instrument welcome to sign up!

  • 3 age groups, everyone eligible

  • Deadline to sign up is June 28th!

  • Please sign up past the deadline, we have room to grow and WILL schedule more sessions!

Sponsored by:

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Am I Eligible? 

We are creating three age groups: middle school, high school and adult and the sign up form you fill out will help us match you with the best chamber group for you. So, chances are, YES you are eligible.  

Why is this good for my playing?

Chamber groups are probably the most fun, but also challenging type of music making. Every aspect of your playing will improve. By working with coaches who are experts in this field, you will have fun and achieve new musical heights. Your group will be working towards a goal of performance that will be recorded and performed on KCME radio. 

Can I still participate if i can't make all the coachings?

Yes! Tell us about your plans in the sign up form and we will try to accommodate different schedules and even have the coaches fill in for you while you are gone. The deadline to sign up for CMD has been set to June 28th, BUT you can still sign up, because it looks like we will be adding more groups!!!

Our partners!

The new Educational Partnerships Immersive Concerts is providing organizational support and media for our project. Colorado Springs Youth Symphony and the Broadmoor Community Church have generously offered to let us use their facilities for our needs during the summer. Please check out these organizations and support them, they will be keeping arts afloat during these difficult times!