Chamber Music Days, Rules and Policies


Venue Locations: Our two locations are First Christian Church (16 East Platte Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903) and Broadmoor Community Church (315 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906). Your group's venue is printed on the schedule.

Rehearsal Duration/ Procedure: Your rehearsal is scheduled to be one hour in length, lasting no more than 5 minutes past. We can only guarantee your entry to the venue fifteen minutes in advance, in order to distance groups from each other as much as possible. There is a half hour in between group rehearsals, during which we will air out the room, disinfect all equipment, and take temperatures of the next group. Once your rehearsal is finished, you may socialize outside the venue, but we do need to keep on schedule so that we can equally accommodate all of our groups. Please exit in a timely manner. Be sure to bring a pencil!


Attendance Policy:

We have no explicit attendance requirement, as we understand that scheduling is extraordinarily difficult for everyone right now. However, we ask that you respect your fellow group members and faculty by making every effort to be at your weekly rehearsals. If you must miss, we have a one-week notice policy, meaning that if you do not notify us of your absence one week or more before the corresponding rehearsal occurs, you will be charged for that rehearsal.



When in doubt, please communicate with us as soon and as often as possible. All communication should go to your coach AND me (JJ Sechan). I am also reachable via by phone, either voice or text, at 847-636-7963


Cost of Participation:

The cost of participation is $30 per rehearsal if paid for the month in advance, or $33 if paid per rehearsal. The difference of $3 has to do with our facility rental. As we are already midway through September, the cost of the first two rehearsals will be $30 each, payable through any of the options listed below. However, the policy of $30 per rehearsal if paid the month in advance and $33 if paid at rehearsal will commence for October, with the deadline being the 11:59pm on 1st of each month.

If paying in advance for a month where you must miss a rehearsal, include a note for those rehearsals you must miss and deduct those rehearsals from your total.

Payment Options:

Payment options include PayPal, at, Venmo at JJ-Sechan, or by check made out to JJ Sechan. With any of these options, please add a note to confirm the dates of corresponding rehearsals. Cash will only be accepted if it is in a sealed envelope that similarly includes the name of the participant and corresponding rehearsals.



We will have an optional recording date for the end of the semester, where we will record and edit groups for broadcast on 88.7 KCME. These recordings will also be available for purchase. As well, I (JJ Sechan) will be personally available to video record your group by arrangement, with less professional equipment. This will be set up by request of your coach.



I (JJ Sechan) will send out pdf's of your repertoire in the coming days, as I am able. You will be expected to print your part. If you cannot do so, let me know and I will print it for you. If your group has absent members for a rehearsal, we may have your group read different repertoire for a better rehearsal. This decision will be made by your coach and relayed to you as soon as possible.

Safety Procedures:


If weather permits, we will rehearse outside, at six feet of distance between players. If you are not in your chair at the rehearsal, you will be required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you upon arrival.

Temperature checks will be required upon arrival. If you are feeling unwell, please let your coach AND me know. You will be advised to stay home, but the communication is of utmost importance. After rehearsal, the venue will be disinfected and ventilated as much as possible.



Parking should not be a problem at either venue. If there are any issues to be expected, we will inform you immediately.



JJ Sechan, director