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"Ukraine Aid"
DEC 08, 2022: Finally had a chance to update the numbers. We are so grateful for the generous support! Lately we've been focusing on keeping Ukrainians warm, providing money for power banks, warm clothing etc. We are also responding to urgent requests from the defenders on the front lines. 

We sent $400 just a few days ago from our Ukraine fund to my sister in law. She and her network of women who’s husbands are on the front lines of the war purchased a bunch of great stuff for our defenders. - A power generator, warm underwear, cookware, usb battery chargers. Please consider supporting our fund, we work fast and only with reliable contacts. - Sergei Vassiliev. 


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Kharkiv, Ukraine (my home town) is suffering the most brutal assaults by putin's for over 100 days. The Russian military is bombing indiscriminately upon civilian housing neighborhoods, hospitals, and even schools - killing women and children. My family and friends are still in Kharkiv or trying to make it to safety in the west. 

So many friends in our Colo. Springs community and around the world have expressed the desire to help. This is why we have created this grassroots fund to help that has been responding quickly to individual Ukrainians' needs. Donations are being used to help people in hot spots with food, medical supplies, lost property, emergency travel, relocation costs etc. 

The aid is distributed quickly through trusted registered non profit volunteer groups like Kharkiv Help and members of my family who are still in Ukraine. We are absolutely volunteer based, transparent, and verify every transaction and donation. Our gifts are delivered quickly through PayPal and we can tell you exactly where every cent goes. 

We will keep you informed about how much money is raised and what we are using it for on this page, see reports below. Every dollar is much needed, thank you and Glory to Ukraine and it's brave people!
Donate by check:

make out to: Sergei Vassiliev
attn: Ukraine
P.O. Box 25383
Colorado Springs, CO, 80936

Donate with Card:
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Attention: This is a private fund and donations are NOT tax deductible. 
Updated: 12/08/22
Funds Raised:
Aid Distributed:
UPDATE 5/24/22: CALL FOR DONATIONS! Your donations have been saving lives of Ukrainians. THANK YOU! Unfortunately the war is taking its toll and the needs are multiplying. Our spending is increasing, while the donations are decreasing. We are now forced to deny some requests. Please consider another donation to replenish the fund!

Ukrainian ingenuity and resourcefulness is world famous these days. We wouldn't be Ukrainians if we didn't display the same kind of qualities at our little fund here. The dollars you have donated are making a gigantic reach. Just over the last few days we were able to help dozens more people with various kinds of immediate needs: food, medicine, cloths, equipment, travel expenses, volunteers on the ground. 

Most recent aid disbursements went to helping more people with relocation costs, including elderly people and people with disabilities and special needs. We worked with Kharkiv chapter of Hesed to help people most in need. We gave more support to the territorial defense forces of Kharkiv and other regions, helping these heroes with the comforts and essentials they requested. 

You should know that we received many messages of gratitude and some wanted to let you know that your gifts
saved their lives!

Your gifts helped family and friends who are trying to find safer places to stay, volunteers who help to distribute food and shelter for people and animals in Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities. Families of those who recently lost loved ones due to the conditions of this senseless war. Some funds went to help Sergei's family's recent travel costs to the US, Poland, and across Ukraine. Sergei's parents are coming to the US in the next few weeks. 

We continue contributing to the grassroots volunteer movement called "Kharkiv Helpestablished by a dear school friend. This group is in Kharkiv delivering the goods. Reports on where your gifts are going will be posted as frequently as possible! Since this site is public, people's names have been crossed out for their safety. Also, look at photos below, these are actual people we are working with and helping.

To find out many other ways you can #StandWithUkraine outside of our fund, follow this link for information. Thank you! 
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